Anti Diabetes Herbs + Allopathic Medicines

Anti Diabetes Herbs + Allopathic Medicines

Anti Diabetes Herbs + Allopathic Medicines

According to Dr. K.K. Ratha, Director, Central Ayurveda Research Institute of Hepatobiliary Disorders, Bhubaneswar. Diabetes Mellitus has been recognized since antiquity and now pose a major public health problem in India. It is a chronic metabolic disorder with life-threatening complications. Over 90% percent of diabetic patients are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2D). Management of Diabetes mellitus includes stringent dietary advice, exercise, lifestyle modification, and Oral hypoglycemic Agents (OHA).

To date, more than 1200 flowering plants have been claimed to have anti-diabetic properties. Among them, one-third have been scientifically studied and documented in around 460 publications. Ayurveda has rich traditional knowledge of medicinal herbs acting on various metabolic disorders including diabetes. Total of 74 various medicinal plants are found mentioned in Nighantus have antidiabetic activity. World Health Organization has also substantiated the utilization of herbal remedies to combat diabetes.

Herbal medicines for DM are in great demand since they are safer than synthetic OHA and are cost-effective and natural origin.  Their rational use can achieve the blood sugar target and reduce the risk of complications. Herbal antidiabetics are liver and kidney-friendly and can be continued for a long period of time. Since they are not causing hypoglycemia and are well tolerable, drug compliance is better. Owing to multiple phytochemicals inherent in an herb it can improve the immunity and anti-oxidant defense system of the body and help in the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism by targeting various metabolic pathways. In combination with the conventional drug, it exhibits a better (synergistic) effect than either medicine. Medicinal herbs contain diverse bioactive compounds and can have multiple actions on insulin action, insulin production, or both. These glucose lowering herbs have the ability to target insulin resistance, 𝛽-cell function, incretin-related pathways, and glucose (re)absorption.

An integrated approach of evaluation of Phyto-constituents and their mechanism of action can elucidate the rationale use of these herbs in diabetics and its complication and related comorbidities. The scientific basis of the mechanism of action can make a better understanding among the scientific community and physicians to accept these drugs for mainstream therapeutics.

On the basis of the research, this can be concluded that Nirmal Bio Herbal’s Product “DIABALIN” is the best herb to control diabetes when combined with traditional allopathic drugs. Diabalin is made from a Herb called “Costus Pictus” also called Insulin plant which has the capacity to produce insulin in the body. when a patient is regularly taking this product, a good fall in blood glucose levels is seen. The range comes to normal and HBA1C is controlled. A revolutionary product by Nirmal bio herbal products, Kolkata.

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