Home Remedies for Indian: Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes

Home Remedies for Indian: Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes

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Being one of the most common ailments, Diabetes is considered as a rising challenge that has affected the health of many people in almost every Indian family.

As per a report published by the World Health Organisation in the year of 2015, 69.2 million people were diagnosed with Diabetes. India has been named the Diabetic capital of the world. It is estimated that within 2025 the number of diabetic patients will hike up to 69.9 million [1] and within the tenure of 2030 it is likely to reach 80 million.

Underlying Reasons of Diabetes in India –

Reasons of Diabetes in India

According to these statistics, the growth in the number of diabetic patients is 266% in India. It is clearly showcasing how adverse is the state of diabetes in India. Unawareness, unhealthy lifestyle, harmful food habits are the main reasons for the elevating rate of diabetic patients in India. In some recent surveys, it is indicated that 28% of the urban population is affected by diabetes whereas in the village areas the number is only 5%. In this context[2], it can be said that diabetes is being a replica of the epidemic in India. Not only in India but also around the entire whole world diabetes is becoming a major problem which is increasing day by day and is needed to be solved as early as possible.

Needs for diabetic awareness and the organs which are affected by diabetes:

Unawareness and sheer ignorance of healthy lifestyle are the key factors which help diabetes to grow rapidly.

If people in India are not made aware of the pros and cons of diabetes, then how will they prevent diabetes? Especially in the village areas, the problem of unawareness is huge.

The study also shows that high awareness amongst people can play a major role in making India a diabetes-free country. In the past, we have witnessed that only aged people were diabetic patients but now young people are also having diabetes. Even babies are coming out from their mother’s womb with high blood sugar.

Owing to all these risk factors, everyone of us should be aware of this disease and also make others aware and make them keep their blood sugar in check.

Diabetes works like a slow poison in our body – the symptoms don’t show up until it is too late. When high blood sugar resides in our body for a long time it harms many parts of our body. The main body parts which are affected by diabetes are-

  • EYE – According to doctors, people with high blood sugar are more likely to develop a cataract in their eyes. Retinopathy is one of the major side effects of diabetes which even leads to blindness. Glaucoma is another thing to be cautious about if you have diabetes.
  • KIDNEY – Kidneys can also be affected by diabetes. It is termed as Diabetic Nephropathy. In this case, diabetes harms the blood vessels in the kidney. At first, the affected kidney does not show any symptoms but after a long time, it may cause kidney failure. So people with high blood sugar should check up their kidney from time to time.
  • HEART & BLOOD VESSELS – Strokes, Heart attacks are very common in recent times.Having said that, the diabetic people are at more risk of having a stroke or heart attack as it damages the blood vessels of heart and brain.
  • FEET ­­- High blood sugar can also lead to foot problems like dry foot skin, ingrown nail, etc.
  • NERVE – Doctors have also proclaimed that high blood sugar causes nerve damage which causes Diabetic Neuropathy. It affects the nerves in different parts of our body.

Moreover, gum problems may also occur and a higher level of sugar can also decay the tooth. Thus diabetes can detriment our physical well-being to be aware of diabetes.

Natural Cure Of Diabetes By Nirmal Bio Herbal: A Magical Herbal Powder Made Of Costus Pictus

It can be a sigh of relief to diabetic patients in India that diabetes is such a disease which is not at all fatal and has a wide range of remedies to prevent it. Nowadays people are inclined towards ayurvedic therapy to cure any disease. Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is chosen by diabetic patients as a natural cure for diabetes. To control high blood sugar, a plant termed as Costus Pictus can be used as an effective natural remedy to prevent diabetes.

Herbal Diabetes Powder
  • It is regarded as the major antigen of “diabetes mellitus”, which is an anecdotal remedy helpful in curing diabetes naturally.
  • It is found in various parts of India.
  • It is highly efficient to treat renal disorder.
  • It has no side effects.
  • Taking the leaf daily can stimulate your blood sugar.

NIRMAL BIO HERBAL is the trusted and reliable brand which has devoted itself to help the diabetic patients in India by abiding to ayurvedic therapy. We endeavour to provide the most high-quality Ayurvedic medicine for sugar that will help to cure diabetes naturally. We are continuously researching on the beneficial effects of Costus Pictus to assist the diabetic patients. The vision of NIRMAL BIO HERBAL is to make the world diabetes-free. For many reasons, our company is much better than any allopathic treatment-

  • Not at all expensive, anyone can afford the product.
  • Does not have any side effects as the antibiotics in the allopathic treatment have.
  • It can completely cure diabetes naturally.

Proper Diet, Exercise & Magic Powder Can Cure Diabetes –

A good diet plan and regular exercise are always fruitful to be healthy and in the case of diabetes, the patient should know what food they must avoid.

diabetes_diet plan
  • One should avoid high carbohydrate foods as it is the main cause of high sugar level. Some of them are sweets, potatoes, chocolates.
  • Trans-fat is also harmful to diabetic patients. It works as insulin resistant. Trans-fat can be found in margarine, peanut butter spreads.
  • Foods with high protein should be avoided.
  • One most important thing is white table sugar is must be avoided. Dry fruits; packaged snacks are also harmful to diabetic patients.

In order to avoid diabetes, one should avoid the above-mentioned foods. Instead of this, one should follow a healthy diet.

  • Drink calorie-free drinks.
  • Eat a substitute for sugar.
  • Take a variety of nutritious foods like fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Apart from healthy food habit regular exercises like YOGA can also work to prevent diabetes by making us fit. Some yogas to cure and prevent diabetes are:

yogas to cure and prevent diabetes
  • Dhanurasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Halasana
  • Chakrasana

These yogas are extremely useful to lower the blood sugar level in the body. Apart from these things consuming NIRMAL BIO HERBAL’s Magic powder on a regular basis will directly stimulate the high blood sugar level. It is easy to consume:-

how to consume diabetes powder
  • Add 2 grams Herbalin powder into 120 ml water.
  • Boil the solution for 5 minutes.
  • Then drink it directly as per your comfortable heat.
  • Take it twice daily for 45 days once in the morning in empty stomach and next at night after the meal.
  • After 45 days take it once a day in the morning.

Thus one can control their sugar level with the help of magic powder offered by Nirmal Bio Herbal. So without much delay, start consuming the magic herbal powder and say NO to diabetes.

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