Simple & Effective Diet Plan for Diabetes Patients 2019

Simple & Effective Diet Plan for Diabetes Patients 2019


  • Healthy foods is very vital for diabetic patients
  • Fruits are the most effective stuffs in a healthy diet
  • A healthy life or diet completes with physical exercise

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? If yes, then this is the most apt destination which would aid to cure you.

Healthy Foods –

We know that there are two types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Presently, Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented but Type 2 diabetes can be cured by adopting some certain precautions. Out of these, having proper diet in the form healthy foods is very vital for diabetic patients. The following are the list of best foods for diabetes:

  • Cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers are extremely efficient for diabetic patients as they are loaded with nutrients and low in carbohydrates.
  •  Vegetables should be properly roasted with little olive oil, peeper, one tip salt, and lemon juice which help to get minerals.
  • Milk and cheese are the idlest food for diabetic people. These are the main source of protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Especially for diabetic patients, protein intake is must. Skinless poultry, fish, beans, red meats are the best food for diabetic patients. As they have itself protein so no additional ingredients should be added. Roasting or boiling may be effective.

Best fruits for Diabetes- 

Fruits are the most effective stuffs in a healthy diet. It is helpful as it supplies the necessary body nutrients for both young and adults. The examples of some best fruits for diabetes are –

  • Fruits like oranges, berries, peaches, apples are very useful to control diabetes to a great extent. These fruits are packed with essential nutrients that serve to make the human body function properly and prevent diabetes.
  • Delicious fruit desserts garnished with berries can be made which will be very tasty and it is quite suitable for diabetic patients.
  • Cherries can be the most effective fruits for diabetic patients because cherries have low Glycemic Index.
  • Vitamins are the most vitalnutrients for the diabetic patients. Guavas have high Vitamin A and Vitamin C and it contains high amount of dietary fiber and very low Glycemic Index.
  • Moreover citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C they are good to have daily to prevent diabetes.

Physical Exercise –

A healthy life or diet completes with physical exercise. One who maintains a healthy diet and along with physical exercise can rarely be affected by any disease. Besides, sports and games also help you to gain a good physique and it helps to prevent foul disease like diabetes. Walking, swimming, Yoga can be the best exercise for diabetes. Besides, examples of exercises for preventing diabetes are:

  • Stationery bicycling is one the best exercises. It actually strengthens your heart and makes your lungs function better.
  • Weight exercise trainings and free hands makes you strong and internal functions better.
  • Tai chi is Chinese exercise which enables you a slow, easy body movement helps to relax your mind and body.  

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