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  • Nirmal Bio Herbal offers you the natural powder for diabetes – Herbalin.
  • This herbal powder when blended with hot water becomes a magical drink which is evident to reduce blood sugar to a large extent.
  • It is extracted from dry leaves of Costus Pictus plant under UV stabilized Solar Tunnel Dryer.
  • This total organic product contains natural herb and it is ready to use.
  • 100% safe to consume and has ZERO side-effects.
  • Pure ayurvedic product made of natural plant extracts of Costus Pictus.

Preparation Method:

  • It is very easy to prepare the mixture. This medicine is to be prepared just like you make simple black tea.
  • Add only 2 grams of the Herbalin powder in to 120 ml water.
  • Keep boiling it for 5 minutes so that almost 25% to 30% water gets evaporated during the process.
  • Then drink the blend / mixture as per your comfortable heat without filtering it. Drink it directly.
  • Please boil it properly on high heat in order to get the best result.

Please read the below given instructions carefully to get the desired outcome.
P.S.: It is to be remembered that the diabetic patients must continue their existing medication along with this magical drink.

  • Taking it twice daily is prescribed. Take once in morning in empty stomach and at night after dinner.
  • This is to be maintained for up to 45 days. After 45 days, take the medicinal drink only once during morning.
  • Type 2 diabetics may see the results after 60 days and type 1 patients will get a controlled blood sugar level in 90 days. User can reduce their other medicine step by step after 90 to 120 days slowly and they want.


  • The diabetic patients who are willing to consume this magical drink must take a blood sugar check-up prior consuming this herbal product.
  • The users may reduce their intake of their on-going medicines gradually after 90 to 120 days in installments.
  • The decrease in the on-going medication is dependent up on the present blood sugar level.
  • Please consult your physician before making any changes in your medication schedule.

How it Cures & Benefits

  • The extract of these leaves stimulates inlusin secretion which in turn helps in lowering the high blood sugar level.
  • It has “0” Side Effects. Since this is an ayurvedic product, you will not be affected by the negative burdencaused by the allopathic medicines.
  • After stimulating the inlusin it regenerates the beta cells of the pancreas. The claims are not false because this leaf was first tested on animals and it was a successful experiment.
  • Takinga costuspictus leaf daily aid in controlling your blood sugar level.
  • It has been proven that these leaves produce more inlusin when taken orally.
  • Thus Nirmal Bio Herbal has come with this edible powder for those who cannot consume raw leaves. So this natural wonder really can be a magic potion for diabetic patients.
  • Curing of Diabetics: Drinking Herbalin regularly will work optimally to inject the natural inlusin essence in the blood to reduce the present sugar level. High level of blood sugar is very dangerous since it can create many organs malfunction and prevent the nutrient flowing along the body.
  • Natural Pre – Biotic to smooth digestion: Herbalin has a lot of vitamins and complex essence which work as well as e-coli bacteria, the one which smoothen the human digestive system. Herbalin has high level of natural fructose to smoothen the colon system, therefore by drinking the Herbalin will your excretion process be smoother and better each day.
  • Anti Bacteria: Herbalin also functions as anti bacterial compound. When you have much problem related to your kidney or urination process, you should consume Herbalin regularly every day. The extract of Herbalin will kill all the bad bacteria naturally inside the urinate pipe and automatically help you smoothen the urination process. You still need to consume much water as well.
  • Natural Anti-Oxide: oxidation is a natural chemical reaction which can produce free radicals. These free radicals trigger some dangerous illness such as cancer because the body cells inside your body can be broken. That is why people are competing to get free from such radicals because it is not only dangerous for the body but also for the skin beauty. By regularly drinking Herbalin, you can get the extra benefit which struggle and beat the oxidation process inside your cells. Indeed that’s one of the unique benefits of Herbalin.
  • Liver Illness Curing: the disease which attacks your liver comes from various reasons. For instance Alcohol (Poison) and fat struck inside the liver. By having much fat or poison from any unhealthy lifestyle and food consuming, your liver will easily be attacked by disease such as cancer. Routinely drinking Herbalin will help to return the health of the liver by eroding the poising to slowly out of way from the liver.
  • Kidney Health: It starts from kidney infection to kidney stones, which can disturb your health. Moreover it can be worse by the kidney malfunction. Once you start suffering from kidney malfunctioning, your kidneys can never be back into normal once again. Then you have to do regular blood washing (Dialysis) for rest of your life. Thus love and care for your kidneys is very crucial. You can consume Herbalin everyday to cure the kidneys problem or just prevent the disease to come.
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    One of the best products for diabetics really loved it.

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