Our Sincere Effort for Perpetual Remedy from Chronic Pains

Our Sincere Effort for Perpetual Remedy from Chronic Pains


More often than not you tend to suffer from several genres of chronic disarray cropped up due to severe chronic arthritis impounded by pain and swelling of almost all body joints. A distinct Ayurvedic treatment with special dietary regimen can surely help you out from the agony of chronic pain.

orthline herbal medicine for chronic pain

In the light of above, we, at Nirmal Bio Herbal, have put in extra efforts and successfully launched a unique product, viz., Orthlin Capsules, that seems to have done wonders in eliminating the chronic body pains, which is effective to the core regardless of age and gender.

Reasons for chronic pains, engulfing your physical abilities

  • Normal aging may affect bones and joints, which may cause chronic disorder. Also, nerve damages due to past injuries and the lack of proper recuperation can create physical immobility.
  • Chronic back pain is a common issue which is virtually a household name. A combination of the following determinants can lead to severe chronic pain.
  • A prolonged period of poor postures
  • Incorrect lifting and carrying heavy articles
  • Obesity that puts excessive pressure on back and knee joints
  • A hereditary blemish like spine curvature
  • Injury caused by traumas
  • Uneven mattresses used for sleeping
  • Persistent pain may also occur due to multiple sclerosis, abdomen ulcers, and gall bladder disease.

The benefits of using Our Capsules

One of the main compositions of Orthlin herbal capsule is a rare herb termed as Terminalia Arjuna, which is clinically proven and used for a potent non-invasive form of treatment. The persistent pain is reduced to a lesser magnitude or healed completely post taking the capsules as prescribed. It improves digestion, removes toxin accumulation, eliminates stress and relieves pain. The product has no side effects as herb ingredients are completely chemical free.

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