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Nirmal Health- Ayurvedic Premium Syrup for Appetite and Digestion.

Appetite loss is referred as reduced hunger or reduced desire to eat. It is known as anorexia in medical term. There can be several reasons for appetite loss and most common is long term sever illness and diseases of stomach and psychological problems. In most of the cases Anorexia due to long term or sever illness will be cured automatically after a period of time but other may require a proper treatment. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine system there are many medicines which are very effective to treat appetite loss.


Causes of Appetite loss

  • There can be several factors which can cause anorexia which includes psychological, physical and due to medication. To treat anorexia in general we treat causes and after treatment of causes appetite return to normal.
  • Psychological factors like depression, anxiety, stress of work, excessive worry of failure in life can cause anorexia.
  • Any kind of bacterial/viral infections like stomach infection, cough, flu etc and their treatment can also cause appetite loss(can be recovered automatically after treatment).
  • Sever medical conditions like hepatitis, HIV, dementia, chronic liver disease or kidney failure, heart failure, hypothyroidism, a condition where your thyroid is under-active also causes anorexia and should be treated with expert doctor and hospital.


Ayurvedic View of Appetite loss
In Ayurveda appetite loss is related with weak digestion and other stomach problems. Agnimandya is the term used to denote loss of appetite while Ajeerna denotes indigestion. A harmonious balance of Vata and Pitta holds the essence of a normal appetite. A vitiation in their mutual balance could lead to a loss of appetite.
Irregular eating habits bring about a vitiation in Pitta while psychic problems like anxiety, fear or physical causes like suppression of impeding urges lead to an imbalance in Vata. Both these sequences lead to disturbances in normal levels of appetite.



  • Heaviness in abdomen
  • Feeling Fullness in the abdomen
  • Feeling heaviness in whole body
  • White coating on tongue
  • Dull pain in the abdomen – may be associated
  • Sweet taste in the mouth
  • Fatigue with feeling of heaviness in the body
  • Laziness


NIRMAL HEALTH syrup is highly beneficial in appetite loss. It increases appetite and improves digestion which helps in the growth.



  • NIRMAL HEALTH syrup is a natural appetite stimulant for all age groups.
  • It safely promotes a healthy appetite and improves functions of the digestive system, without harmful side-effects.
  • NIRMAL HEALTH syrup is a blend of appetizers and digestives.
  • It stimulates secretion of digestive enzymes.
  • It supports digestion and allows your body to absorb and utilize nutrients for overall health.
  • NIRMAL HEALTH syrup is non-addictive, chemical-free and without the risk of harmful side effects.


Key Features

  • Maintains balance between intestinal juices and intestinal hormones to ensure normalizes appetite satiety rhythm
  • Improves appetite by increasing digestion and reducing flatulence
  • Exhibits anti-spasmodic & carminative properties
  • Helps in convalescence, restorative tonic & maintain health

· An appetizer and digestive tonic for all ages



Key Ingredients :

  • Kalajeera
  • Swetjeera
  • Kalimirch
  • Sonth
  • Hing
  • Makoy
  • Pipal
  • Sonf
  • Ajwayan
  • NimbuSatwa
  • SandhaLawan



Dose: Adults- 10ml twice daily before food.

            Children: Below 14 yrs- 5ml twice Daily before food.


            As directed by the Physician.



The information on this page should not be treated as substitution of professional medical advice. You are advised to consult your ayurvedic physician for diagnosis or treatment.


Nirmal Health- Ayurvedic Premium Syrup for Appetite and Digestion.

SKU: 60070013
  • 200ml

  • ₹250.00

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