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Nirmal Stone Cutter Capsules- Natural Stone Remover.

Nirmal Stone Cutter Capsules is an Ayurvedic medicine for Calculi Free Life that helps Washes out stone remnants, Improves the tone and strength of the muscle of the urinary system. The unique ingredient helps in the Management of urinary tract infections, produces a diuretic effect, and keeps the pH of the urinary system at normal.

Nirmal Stone Cutter capsules are the best Ayurvedic remedy to remove kidney stones. These pills detox kidneys and prevent the formation of kidney stones and gallbladder stones or gallstones.

An imbalance between the stone-forming substances and stone inhibiting substances in your kidneys generally forms kidney stones or pathri.

 It means that more crystal-forming elements such as uric acid or calcium, or oxalate than the liquid in the urine could dilute these. 

Its symptoms include severe pain at the side and back that fluctuates in intensity and spreads towards the lower abdomen and groin, frequent, cloudy, or bloody urine in a small amount, nausea, and vomiting.

Usually, dehydration leads to this condition. Genes could also play a role in this.

Nirmal Stone Cutter capsules make the best Ayurvedic remedy to remove kidney stones. These capsules have potent ingredients that can break the strong bonding between the crystals that, in turn, pass out through urine painlessly.

If a person is regular with the course for at least 3 to 4 months, he’ll get tremendous benefits.

Once an individual gets rid of the stone, he never faces this ever again since the herbs present in Nirmal Stone Cutter capsules also maintain optimum kidney health.

Those who have undergone surgery to remove kidney stones are welcome to consume Nirmal Stone Cutter since surgery never guarantees that the person isn’t going to develop stones over and over again.

In most cases, the stones tend to reoccur, and so to avoid that painful situation once again, Nirmal Stone Cutter capsules work excellently to remove kidney stones.

Moreover, gallbladder stones or simply gallstones can also be rectified by this herbal remedy effectively. So, go for this remarkable remedy soon!


Best Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Remedy, Nirmal Stone Cutter Capsules in India


  • Helps dissolve renal stones & prevents their formation. Breaks the kidney & gall stone deposits in small pieces  that may ease the passage of stones easily while urination without pain
  • Treats & corrects burning sensation during urination.
  • Improves overall kidney functioning.
  • Detoxifies kidney & improves kidney health.
  • Ayurvedic formulation that is completely safe & effective.
  • urinary tract support
  • maintains kidney cleansing function
  • Help in diuretic stone removal. The pure Ayurvedic herbs present in Nirmal Stone Cutter Capsules  produces diuretic Effect which helps in diuretic stone removal.
  • Relieve the pain caused by kidney stone as it have Anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • promotes detoxification of the body

    Size: 30 Capsules   MRP: ₹500

Nirmal Stone Cutter

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  • FAQs

    • How to take Nirmal Stone Cutter Capsules? Ans-Children One tablet two times a day. Adults: two to three tablets two times a day. Or as directed by the Physician
    • When to take Nirmal Stone Cutter Capsules? Ans-After Food. In Morning and night
    • Are there any side effects? Ans- As such there is no side effect, however, due to excessive urination dryness on the skin may appear.
    • Can I take them with my blood pressure/diabetes (allopathy) medicines? Ans- Caution should be exercised while taking allopathic medicines with a diuretic effect. This may cause hypotension and dehydration due to the combined effect.
    • Does it Remove and prevent the formation of Kidney stones? AnsThat depends upon the size and form of the stone. No recorded data is available however patients’ review says that the product does break the stone and remove it from the system.
    • When can I see the results? Ans-That depends upon the size and form of the stone. It may take a month or more to see the size reduce and 3 to 4 months to get dissolved.
    • What are the additional benefits of the product? Ans- The product contains many rejuvenating herbs. These herbs may help reverse the damage done to the urinary system due to kidney stones and may reassure the urinary system’s original working efficiency.
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