Ayur Card – High Blood Pressure / Hypertension Relief Ayurvedic Capsules


  • Promoting coronary artery health and integrity
  • Supporting healthy energy levels
  • Soothing nervous tension


AyurCard capsule – Best High Blood Pressure Ayurvedic Medicine 

AyurCard capsule is an all-natural herbal product specially for hypertension / high blood pressure, repressing cholesterol content, softening the blood and pulse. It prevents blood vessels from becoming sclerotic. Hypertension capsule is also effective for the symptoms of hypertension such dizziness and ear-ringing. AyurCard Capsule is the latest high-effect formulation which is developed by the modern technique in India by Nirmal Bio Herbal. It is an ideal product for hypertension.


Mental and body system. Helps in controlling blood pressure as well as in rejuvenating heart muscle. Helping in bringing reduction to issues of anxiety and insomnia. Helping in alleviating stress, tension, regulating blood flow


Helps in maintaining blood pressure within normal range. Helps in maintaining systemic balance in cardiovascular system that is responsible for maintaining regulated blood flow as well as healthy blood pressure. Supporting healthy circulation that is responsible for maintaining adequate flow of blood to heart and extremities. Supports healthy pumping action of heart as well as in maintaining regular heartbeat.


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