Diabalin insulin juice for Diabetes


Diabalin insulin juice is one of the best options for anyone who is suffering from diabetics. With the help of this insulin juice, you’ll be able to control your diabetes naturally like never before.


“Diabalin” Insulin Juice -The Best Insulin for Diabetes Treatment

Your futile searches for herbal medicine for diabetes end as we, at Nirmal Bio Herbal, bring to you Diabalin which is an Herbal Insulin Juice. Now, you can use our product along with your regular medication for diabetes and get your Diabetes to normal.

Benefits of the Diabalin

Diabalin is a herbal medicine which will have no side-effects. Apart from that, it is extracted from the leaves of costus pictus plant which is a natural source for insulin. The product is fully tested and proven to help you in controlling your blood sugar level.

Best Features of the Diabalin

The best feature of Diabalin is that it is a herbal product. We, at Nirmal Bio Herbal, use 100% organic methods to grow this plant. Also, this herbal medicine is free from toxins and you will not have to face any side-effects after having this medicine. The deficit of insulin in your body will go down significantly after using Diabalin.

How to in Take the Medicine

You will have to drink Diabalin 5ml in the morning in an empty stomach before your breakfast and before having dinner at night. You should take this herbal medicine along with your allopathic medicines. You should never discontinue your regular medicines after starting to take Diabalin until and unless you are advised by the physician to do so.

How to Get the Products Online How to Order

There are four ways you can place an order at Nirmal Bio Herbal for Diabalin:

  1. Go to our website and place the order
  2. Go to our Facebook Page at and place your order
  3. You can email at to order Diabalin
  4. You can also call us at +91 9007100444 to place your order Diabalin

Contact Us

Diabalin is a revolutionary herbal medication for your treatment of diabetes. Our medicine is totally natural and you will definitely achieve the benefits by using it. If you want to know more about our product or have any queries regarding our product then you can surely get in touch with our customer care at 9007100444.

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  1. Kantilal Ghosh ( Verified Customer)

    Amar HBA1C 8.8 theke 6 point hoyche 3 month continue korate alopathic medicine r dose half hoye geche. Ami aro continue korobo jate kina alopathic medicine ta bondho hoye jai. Kono side effect nei ami khub upokrito hoyechi Diabalin kheye.

  2. Navin kar das ( Verified Purchaser )

    I Bought the product after thinking too much negative about so many products available in market. Thanks to the team of NIrmal Bio Herbal to follow up me regularly and me finally purchased 1 bottle. To my surprise this medicine really controlled my diabetes. Now I am a Fan of this product and am regularly taking this medicine. My immunity has got stronger after using this regularly and I was able to fight with a Major Viral Infection recently. Not going to discontinue. My life is precious.

  3. नरिंदर ( Verified Purchaser)

    इस दवा का उपयोग करने के बाद मेरा मधुमेह नियंत्रित हो गया। अब मैं इसे नियमित रूप से ले रहा हूं और मेरा मधुमेह नियंत्रण में है।

  4. Manjeet Kaur ( Verified Purchaser)

    My HBA1C lebel is under control after uding this medicine for last 4 month . Now my lebel is 5.6 earlier it was 8.1.

  5. Somnath Sahoo ( Verified Purchaser)

    Finding a good ayurveda medicine that works well for diabetic is extremely difficult and this is why I was spellbound to see how good was Diabalin it works like a cham.. probably the best diabetic medicine in ayurveda.

  6. Rajat Kumar (Verified Purchaser)

    One of the best product available to control diabetes.

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