Herbalin Powder For Diabetes Control


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Herbalin Powder: – Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes & Herbal Insulin Drink

  • Nirmal Bio Herbal offers you the natural powder for diabetes – Herbalin.
  • This herbal powder when boiled with hot water becomes a Herbal insulin drink which is evident to reduce blood sugar to a large extent.
  • It is extracted from dry leaves of Costus Pictus plant under UV stabilized Solar Tunnel Dryer.
  • This total organic product contains natural herb and it is ready to use.
  • 100% safe to consume and has ZERO side-effects.
  • Pure ayurvedic product made of natural plant extracts of Costus Pictus.


Preparation Method:

  • It is very easy to prepare the mixture. This medicine is to be prepared just like you make simple black tea.
  • Add only 2 grams of the Herbalin powder in  120 ml water.
  • Keep boiling it for 5 minutes so that almost 25% to 30% water gets evaporated during the process.
  • Then drink the blend/mixture as per your comfortable heat without filtering it. Drink it directly.
  • Please boil it properly on high heat in order to get the best result.



Please read the below-given instructions carefully to get the desired outcome.
P.S.: It is to be remembered that the diabetic patients must continue their existing medication along with this magical drink.

  • Taking it twice daily is prescribed. Take once in the morning in an empty stomach and at night after dinner.
  • Type 2 diabetics may see the results after 90 days and type 1 patients will get a controlled blood sugar level in 120 days. User can reduce their other medicine step by step after 90 to 120 days slowly and they want.



  • The diabetic patients who are willing to consume this drink must take a blood sugar check-up prior to consuming this herbal product.
  • The users may reduce their intake of their on-going medicines gradually after 90 to 120 days in installments.
  • The decrease in the on-going medication is dependent up on the present blood sugar level.
  • Please consult your physician before making any changes in your medication schedule.

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  1. Zakir Ali (Verified Customer)

    I am diabetic from last 4 years. From last 2months i am using this product Herbalin and now i am felling better and my diabetes is under control.

  2. Manoranjan Das (Verified Customer)

    Herbalin use kore ami khub upokrito hoyechi . Sugar, pressure sob kichui ekhon control er modhye. Ami 3 months use kore feedback to likchi.

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