LIVENZYME- Ayurvedic Premium Liver Tonic For Hepato-Protection


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Livenzyme (Ayurvedic Liver Tonic) is an effective herbal formulation of ancient herbs that have with no side effects. It is a researched proprietary Ayurvedic product of Nirmal Bio Herbal Products. It is a complete tonic that allows the liver to function at its optimum efficiency.

This Ayurvedic liver tonic helps to treat from various types of liver disorders disease like jaundice, infective hepatitis, anorexia and alcoholic liver disease, drug induced liver toxicity, , liver damage due to radiation therapy & chemotherapy, liver disorders including fatty acid associated with protein energy malnutrition, viral hepatitis, etc.  It helps to repair the liver cells, stimulate appetite, improves digestive system and metabolism.

Livenzyme is the best liver tonic in India that helps cure all liver problems. It aids in improving metabolism, works as a mild laxative and helps control hyperacidity. It is available as a SUGAR FREE variant suitable for diabetic persons also  and works as an effective ayurvedic medicine for fatty liver & cirrhosis.


  • Excellent for derangements of the liver & gall bladder.
  • Effective against Jaundice.
  • Valuable remedy for dyspepsia & anaemia.
  • Helpful for enlarged glands, liver and spleen diseases.
  • Protects from alcoholic and medicinal abuse.
  • Improves the healthy functioning of the liver.
  • It helps with hyperacidity.
  • It aids in keeping the liver healthy.
  • It helps improve digestion & the body’s metabolism.
  • It helps promote the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • It helps stimulate the secretion of bile from the liver and exerts laxative & carminative effects.
  • It works as a mild laxative.

Product Description
Livenzyme  acts as an Ayurvedic medicine for the liver that helps keep the liver healthy by improving the body’s metabolisms. It works as a mild laxative and aids with hyperacidity. This best liver Tonic in India allows for a gradual detoxification of the liver & kidneys by promoting a comprehensive elimination of toxins from the body. It stimulates secretion of bile from the liver and exerts laxative & carminative effects.

Net content: 200 ml
Our liver Tonic is manufactured in a GMP certified plant and made using 100% natural ingredients.

Key Ingredients


Punarnava is a treasure trove of nutrients like proteins, vitamin C, sodium, calcium, iron and bioactive components like punarnavoside, serratagenic acid, hypoxanthine 9-L-arabinofuranoside, boeravinone A to F, liriodendron, ursolic acid, and oleanolic acid. Imbued with the therapeutic components, punarnava holds high significance in promoting the digestive system. The herb is found to be extremely beneficial in reducing inflammation and treating irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Being a potent digestive agent, it stimulates the secretion of digestive juices thereby increasing the absorption of essential nutrients and enhancing digestion.

Bhumi Amla:

Bhumi Amla helps in managing liver disorders and reverses any damage caused to the liver due to its hepatoprotective, antioxidant and antiviral activities. It also helps to prevent ulcers by reducing gastric acid production as well as protecting the stomach lining against damage caused by excessive gastric acid. Bhumi Amla might also reduce the risk of kidney stone formation due to its diuretic property. It does so by promoting the removal of salts (mainly oxalate crystals) that are responsible for the formation of kidney stones.
According to Ayurveda, Bhumi Amla is considered good for indigestion and acidity due to its pitta balancing property.


Daruharidra help to protect the liver and prevent liver disorders as it maintains the level of liver enzymes. It also protects the liver cells against damage caused by free radicals as it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective activities.


The constituents in Amla shows antioxidant property and fights against the free radicals to prevent the damage of liver cells. Amla also helps reduce inflammation of the liver by lowering the level of inflammatory mediators and liver enzymes

Amla helps in the proper functioning of liver by increasing the Pachak Agni (digestive fire). Amla also helps prevent degeneration of liver cells due to its Rasayana property. It also stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins from the body.

Amla helps to reduce the damage of stomach lining by increasing mucin that protects the gastrointestinal tract from acid attack, harmful micro-organisms and physical trauma. Gallic acid in Amla protects the mucosal lining of the stomach and helps in ulcer healing. Thus, Amla is known to have anti-secretory and anti-ulcer action and works as a gastroprotective agent

Amla helps to reduce gastrointestinal problems by improving the Pachak Agni (digestion fire). It also helps in easy expulsion of stool due to its Rechana (mild laxative) property.


Active enzymes in ajwain improve the flow of stomach acids, which can help to relieve indigestion, bloating, and gas. The plant can also help to treat peptic ulcers as well as sores in the esophagus, stomach, and intestines.


Pudina is effective at relieving other digestive problems such as upset stomach and indigestion.Pudina may also be effective at relieving other digestive problems such as upset stomach and indigestion.

Kutaki (Picorhizakurroa):

It acts as a laxative, stomachic, anthelmintic, cardiotonic and antipyretic.
The plant of Kutaki contains major bioactive compounds, such as Aspicroside-I, II, III and Kutkoside and a bitter glycosidal principle, Kutkin.
It helps protect liver cells from toxins..

Dosage & Storage

Adult: 1-2 teaspoons twice a day before meals.
Children: 0.5-1 teaspoons twice a day before meals.
Continue the treatment for 4-6 months till you experience complete relief or as directed by the physician.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Side Effects
No side effects like jaundice, stomach upsets, or fluid accumulations (generally seen with modern medicines) are observed with Livenzyme Liver tonic.


  1. Priyadarshini Jha ( Verified Purchaser)

    This is a very effective product. It helped me cure my fatty liver Thank you nirmalbio herbal

  2. Khalid Ahmed (Verified Purchaser)

    I am from Kolkata.I have digestion issues so I cannot consume some of my favorite food. As I like eating food a lot it’s a bit difficult when u can’t consume your favorite food. One of my doctor-friend recommended my liver-enzyme. I have been using it for the past few months and I must say it did really work. Thank you now I can at least consume some of my favorite foods without any worry.

  3. Vinayak Tiwari (Verified Purchaser)


  4. Enesh ( Verified Purchaser)

    I am from Assam.I have drinking issues. Regular alcohol consumption affected my liver. When I got to know bout Livenzyme I started using it and I have been using it for the last 2 months. My problem is 80% solved, I highly recommend this product.

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