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Herbal Insulin Powder Made By Costus Pictus

Costus Pictus D. Don is primarily known as the Spiral Flag which is a member of Costaceae. Recently this plant is introduced in India from its nativeplace of South and Central America.

  • CostusPictus is the main antigen of ‘Diabetes Mellitus’. Actually this plant has been brought to India with a view to cure this deadly ailment ‘Diabetes’.
  • In India this plant is extensively known as the ‘Insulin Plant’. Basically, this plant is found in the gardens of South India to a great extent as an ornamental plant.
  • Sometimes it isfound in wild regions too.
  • However, Costus Pictus is found in various parts of India. As this plant potential to control ‘Diabetes’, diabetic patients are recommended to daily to keep their blood glucose low.
  • The aerial part of Costus Pictus is very helpful for the treatment of disorders.

The detailed process of the plantation and cultivation of Costus Pictus are provided below:

  • Costus Pictus basically grows in a very comfortable weather. This very plant is originated in the South and Central America.
  • Spiral flag, commonly known as the Costus Pictus can be cultivated both in full sun and partial shade. The ideal place for flourishing Costus Pictus is beside the watery land. As in those places the percentage of moisture in air is very high.
  • Without a second thought, Costus Pictus requires perfectly fertile soil and extensive moisture.
  • At the very first stage of plantation special care is ought to be taken for Costus Pictus, otherwise these plants can get collapsed for they are very sensitive in nature.
  • After a certain stage, many bacteria and weeds embrace the Costus Pictus. So, these unnecessary stuffs should be uprooted systematically and timely.
  • The flowers of Costus Pictus are very colorful andthus many insects are often found to be attracted near these plants.Henceproper initiative should be taken to eradicate this issue.
  • Mites and nematodes are very problematic for Costus Pictus.

Previously we have stated that Costus Pictus is the prime medicine for ‘Diabetes Mellitus’, with that view it is cultivated in India to serve the diabetic people as it contains amazing anti-diabetic properties. In India, Diabetes is one of the major issues, gradually increasing day-by-day. It works in the following way:

  • The extract of these leafs can stimulate insulin secretion which is actually very helpful for the diabetic patients.
  • In India, people are obsessed with Allopathic treatment and they spendhuge amountof money behind this. Moreover, the antibiotics which are provided to the patients are very expensive and they have much damaging side-effects too. So it can be dangerous for health.
  • Costus Pictus plants are completely herbal and it has zero side-effects. If you take Costus Pictus leaves in whole or powder form, it can control your blood glucose in most effective way.
  • After stimulating the insulin it regenerates the beta cells of the pancreas and has potent anti-diabetic activity. It is perfectly evident because these overall functions were first experimented on the animals.

Nirmal Bio-Herbal:

Nirmal Bio-Herbal believes to make the entire world diabetes free by the herbal products and treatment. Costus Pictus is the most ideal herbal plant considered and we are still researching on it to make our products more dynamic and effective to cure diabetes in the most safe and natural way.

Nirmal Bio Herbal has taken an initiative to cure diabetes naturally for many vital reasons. Previously we have stated that people are obsessed with Allopathic Treatment to cure diabetes, but we aim to control this ailment in a very natural way. We believe the most effective remedy lies in the lap of nature.

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